It was the year 2099 and private prison corporations had become a powerful force in society. Half of the population was incarcerated in these private prisons, and the living conditions were inhumane. Overcrowding, inadequate food and medical care, and rampant abuse by the guards were the norm.

But the public was largely unaware of the true nature of these prisons, as the media was controlled by the same interests that owned the prisons. Any attempts to expose the truth were silenced, and those who spoke out against the corruption were quickly silenced.

That is, until a small group of rogue journalists decided to take a stand. They had been investigating the private prison industry for years, and they had finally gathered enough evidence to expose the truth.

They worked tirelessly, risking their lives to uncover the corruption and abuse within the private prison system. And finally, they were ready to go public with their findings.

But the CEO of the private prison corporation was not about to let this happen. He knew that if the truth came out, it would mean the end of his empire. So he paid hitmen to take out the journalists before they could go public.

One by one, the journalists were eliminated, and the truth died with them. The private prison corporation continued to thrive, and over time, most of the world’s population lived in these private prisons.

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