The ancient Mayans were known for their advanced understanding of mathematics and astronomy. They created a sophisticated calendar system that could predict celestial events with incredible accuracy.

As the end of the Mayan calendar approached, the Mayan people began to prepare for the end of an era. Some believed that the world would come to an end, while others believed that a new age of prosperity and enlightenment was about to dawn.

As the last date on the calendar approached, the Mayans gathered in their great cities to witness the event. At the stroke of midnight, a bright light appeared in the sky, and a strange energy filled the air.

Suddenly, a wormhole opened up above the Mayan cities, and the entire Mayan population was sucked into it. They found themselves transported through time and space, landing in the present day.

The Mayans were shocked to find themselves in a world so different from their own. But they quickly adapted, using their advanced alien technology they had acquired in their inter-dimensional journey to build new cities and conquer the world.

The Mayans quickly established themselves as the dominant force on the planet, using their superior weapons and technology to defeat any who opposed them. They became the rulers of the world, ushering in a new era of forced slavery .

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