In a world not so different from our own, the physical world and the spiritual world collided. It was a strange and miraculous event, as people suddenly found themselves living alongside the ghosts of their loved ones.

At first, it was a joyous occasion. The living and the ghosts coexisted peacefully, each learning from the other and forming a society unlike any that had ever existed before. The ghosts were able to offer guidance and wisdom to the living, while the living provided the ghosts with a connection to the physical world they had left behind.

However, as time passed, something changed within the ghosts. They began to grow restless and agitated, no longer content to simply observe the world around them. They began to exert their influence on the living, using their supernatural powers to bend them to their will.

People lived in fear of the ghosts, who seemed to have turned evil and malevolent. No one was safe from their wrath, as the ghosts terrified everyone with their frightening antics.

Eventually, the fear became too much for the living to bear. One by one, they succumbed to their fears and passed on, leaving only their spirits behind to haunt the world.

And so, the world became a place inhabited only by ghosts, a society of spirits ruled by the wicked and malevolent ghosts who had caused so much terror in life. It was a dark and gloomy place, where the living were no more and the ghosts reigned supreme.

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