The world as we knew it had come to an end. A deadly virus had swept across the globe, turning every woman it touched into a mindless, flesh-eating zombie. But the virus didn’t affect men.

At first, the men tried to protect their loved ones, doing everything they could to keep the infected women at bay. But it was a losing battle. The women were too strong, too relentless, and too numerous.

As the days passed, the men were forced to flee for their lives. They banded together, forming small groups and communities, trying to survive in a world overrun by the walking dead.

But it wasn’t just the women they had to fear. As the virus continued to spread, more and more men began to succumb to its deadly effects. They too became zombies, adding to the already overwhelming numbers of the undead.

The men fought bravely, using whatever weapons they could find to defend themselves and their families. But it wasn’t enough. The zombies were everywhere, and they seemed to be getting smarter and more organized with each passing day.

In desperation, the men tried to escape to a place they called “Noman’s Land” – a remote, isolated region where they hoped to find safety and sanctuary. But their journey was long and perilous, and many of them never made it.

As the weeks turned into months, the men who remained found themselves living on the brink of extinction. They were starving, exhausted, and constantly on the run from the never-ending hordes of zombies.

And then, one day, it was over. The last of the men had fallen, and the world was left to the mercy of the undead. Society was destroyed, and all that remained were wandering zombie men, mindlessly searching for their next meal.

But even in death, the men’s spirits lived on. They were the survivors, the heroes of a lost and forgotten world. And though they may have failed to reach Noman’s Land, they had fought valiantly to the very end.

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