The world was in chaos. People had suddenly lost the ability to remember how to drive cars. They had no idea how to operate the vehicles, and as a result, cars were crashing into each other everywhere.

At first, the government tried to intervene. They set up roadblocks and detours to keep cars off the road. They also sent out teams of people to try and help others remember how to drive. But it was no use. The amnesia was too widespread, and there was nothing anyone could do.

As the days went on, the situation only got worse. The roads were filled with abandoned cars, some of them still running and careening out of control. People were getting killed left and right, and the death toll was rising rapidly.

The government declared a state of emergency, but it was too late. The world’s population was dwindling at an alarming rate. Cities were becoming ghost towns, and the once bustling metropolises were now silent and empty.

In the end, only a small fraction of the world’s population remained. They were the lucky ones, the ones who had somehow managed to avoid the crashes and the chaos. But they were living in a world that was vastly different from the one they had once known.

Society had fallen apart, and it seemed unlikely that it would ever be put back together again. The world was a dangerous and unforgiving place now, and the people who survived were forced to adapt to a new way of life. It was a harsh existence, but it was all they had.

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